Weddings on a Budget

Wedding on a Budget

Helping you put together a Cheap [name] Wedding

Although a wedding is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable days in the life of a young couple, such an event can certainly come at a hefty price tag. Thankfully, there are a handful of tips that will allow your special day to go smoothly and still come in with a cheap wedding pricetag.

Your Virtual DJ

While live musical numbers are truly memorable, such arrangements can be quite expensive. One of the best ways to save a bit of money while not sacrificing fun on the dance floor is to use a prearranged musical playlist. Modern devices such as mp3 players will allow you to upload your favourite tunes at absolutely no cost and in a matter of minutes. There are also some low-cost Live Entertainers that you can have for one or 2 sets, such as Irelands best Abba Tribute or Maria Sweeney Wedding Singer

Food and Drink

Three-course meals are classy, but they are also quite costly. In fact, wedding caterers are indeed one of the most pronounced expenses. Buffets are a great alternative. Not only will a good deal of money be saved, but this choice is often more agreeable to the guests themselves, as they will be able to choose the type and amount of food that they most enjoy.

Open bars are a wonderful idea, but a large wedding can accumulate a bill well into the thousands of pounds. It is advisable to place a limit on the number of free drinks that guests can enjoy. After this limit is reached, guests can always pay a reduced price for any additional beverages that they order.

[NAME] Cheap Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography should never be approached in an “all or none” fashion. Instead, there are a number of affordable [NAME] wedding photographers that can produce quality photos at a fraction of the price that would be encountered through a fully professional service. They will offer bespoke packages that are flexible enough to cater to even the most strained budgets, and plenty of facebook wedding photography reviews is always a plus.


Finally, let us not forget that the location of your [NAME] wedding venue, and Northern Ireland has some great outdoor locations, that make a perfect backdrop to your wedding photos. itself should be considered. Obviously, larger churches and more luxurious venues will come at a significantly higher cost than would be incurred at a local town hall or the home of a friend.

These are a few of the most important variable to consider when planning for an upcoming wedding on a limited budget. With a bit of forethought, time and money can be saved without detracting from the day itself.

One final way of saving money is with “packages” where you pay a set price, normally to one supplier and they provide you with your entertainment, car hire, cheap wedding photos and videography wedding packages. Take a look at our packages as an example of how much you can save.

If you are after 1 company to help you through this, visit our sister site, 1 Stop Weddings where we take the hassle out of your wedding day.

Here is a typical [NAME] wedding day package:

Helping keep kids entertained at your wedding.

From kids entertainment packages with bouncy castles to the famous Wedding Selfie Mirrors that are the statement entertainment of any wedding, we have hundreds of happy clients to assure you that your wedding is in safe hands. Packages come to suit all budgets and wedding tastes to make sure that your day is memorable.
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